Mother’s Day Craftivity

Speech Therapy Fun: Mothers Day Craftivity

Here’s a perfect gift for your students to make for their moms, aunts and/or grandmas! Not only will they leave with a great gift, but they can work on sequencing, following directions and articulation while making it.  This project usually takes 2-3 half hour sessions to complete.

Popsicle Sticks
Optional: Paint or Markers for decorating

1) Put a dot of glue on each end of two popsicle sticks.  Place two more popsicle stick on top to make a square.

Speech Therapy Fun: Mother's Day Craftivity

2) Continue in this pattern until the ‘jewelry box’ is at the desired height.
Speech Therapy Fun: Mother's Day Craftivity
3) When the box is at it’s desired height, begin making the bottom of the ‘jewelry box’.  Place a line of glue along two of the popsicle stick at the bottom of the box.  Start placing the popsicle sticks side to side until the bottom of the box is complete.
Speech Therapy Fun: Mother's Day Craftivity
4) For the top of the jewelry box, place 11 popsicle sticks side by side.  Then, put glue on 2 additional sticks.  Place one stick along one end of the popsicle sticks and the other one on the opposite end.  This should hold the 11 popsicle sticks together.
Speech Therapy Fun: Mother's Day Craftivity
5.  Once you have finished the top and bottom of the jewelry box, color, paint or decorate the box!
Speech Therapy Fun: Mother's Day Craftivity

How To Use In Therapy

Each popsicle stick the student glues, he/she has to complete a task such as saying a sound 5X, answering a question, etc.

If you are looking to buy popsicle sticks, I ordered these from Amazon.  These were the best priced sticks that I could find.

Note: This is an affiliate link and a suggestion.  You do not have to use these.

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