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  • Speech Therapy Plans Using Play-Doh In Speech

    5 Ways to Use Play-Doh in Speech Therapy

    SLP’s rely on a number of tools and toys to motivate their students. Play-Doh is a great motivational tool and is perfect for language and articulation therapy. Here are a few…

  • Speech Therapy Plans: Jenga In Speech Therapy

    Three Ways to Use Jenga In Therapy

    As a speech therapist, I rely a lot on games and other creative ways to provide an interactive and engaging environment for my students. Jenga targets a variety of skills and…

  • Free No Prep Speech Therapy Activity

    No Prep, Speech Therapy Coin Toss Activity

    No prep speech therapy materials are a must have for me. They are perfect for the days full of evaluations, meetings and paperwork. I particularly love this no prep activity because…

  • Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

    Speech and Language Winter Snowball Fight

    Raise your hand if you think your students would love to have a snowball fight during school! Why not let them have a speech and language snowball fight? Guaranteed fun for…

  • Speech Therapy Fun: New Games for Old Flash Cards

    Speech and Language Flash Card Activities

    Are you tired of playing the same old speech therapy games with the same old flash cards? I know that I have played Go Fish and Memory more times than I can count! Well,…

  • Speech Therapy Fun: Life Size Board Game

    Life Size Board Games

    It’s Friday  which means it’s time to post about a fun activity to use during speech therapy!  Today’s activity topic is life size board games…doesn’t that sound like fun? Materials:  –…